Algae Control
Leslie's 14025 Algae Control, 1 Quart
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Leslie's 14028 Algae Control, Half Gallon
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Leslie's 14030 Algae Control, 1 Gallon
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About the Leslie's Algae Control
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Keep your pool clean and algae-free!

Say goodbye to your algae problems with Leslie's Algae Control. Designed to both kill existing algae as well as prevent future algae and slime, Leslie's Algae Control's powerful formula turns your pool from green to clean in no time! What makes Leslie's Algae Control our most popular algaecide and the most effective algaecide on the market?

  • Powerful Algae-Fighting FormulaWith a concentrated formula and an active ingredient of 60% algae fighter, Leslie's Algae Control is the strongest algaecide you can buy. A few ounces goes a long way, saving you time and money!
  • Prevents Future Algae OutbreaksNot only will it kill all types of existing algae in your pool, but Leslie's Algae Control works to keep those nasty algae blooms out of your pool all year long.
  • Great For Opening and Closing PoolA dose of Leslie's Algae Control before winter closing keeps any blooms out while not in use, and a few ounces during spring opening leaves your pool sparkling clear for swimming season.
  • Won't Stain or Foam

    Leslie's Algae Control is non-metallic, so it won't stain your pool or fixtures. It is also made from a non-foaming, low odor formula for total ease of use.

    Even the most careful and diligent pool owners can get algae from time to time. Often times, algae can creep up around steps and ladders; places that naturally receive poor circulation of chlorine. Maintaining a constant level of chlorine and weekly shocking might not be enough to completely rid your pool of algae, you may need a powerful algaecide. Leslie's Algae Control is the strongest non-metallic algae fighter on the market, and perfect for eliminating those tough algae spots.

    Made of 60% active ingredient, liquid polyquat, Leslie's Algae Control destroys all known types of pool algae, including pink algae. This powerful formula is designed to work quickly and effectively, and all you need is a few ounces a week to maintain a clear and sparkling pool. Leslie's Algae Control is also gentle on swimmers and pool surfaces. It does not cause eye or skin irritation, works great in vinyl, plaster, fiberglass, and tile pools, and can even be used in spas and outdoor fountains!

Pool Chemical Features
  • Algae Control
  • Available in 1 quart, 1/2 galon, and 1 galon bottles
  • Quickly eliminates algae blooms
  • non-metallic non-staining
  • Kills all known types of algae
  • Gentle on swimmers and pools
Leslie's Algae Control Specifications
Chemical Type Algaecide
Product Type Pool Chemical
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