Power Powder Plus- 6 Pack
Leslie's 14676 Power Powder Plus Flagship Pool Shock and Super-Chlorinator, 6 Pack
Sku: 14676        LPM #: 14676
Leslie's 14677 Power Powder Plus Flagship Pool Shock and Super-Chlorinator,12 Pack
Sku: 14677        LPM #: 14677
Leslie's 14678 Power Powder Plus Flagship Pool Shock and Super-Chlorinator, 24 Pack
Sku: 14678        LPM #: 14678
About the Leslie's Power Powder Plus
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Our Flagship Shock

Leslie's Power Powder Plus is our most popular shock and super-chlorinator, and the fastest-dissolving shock on the market today! Made from powerful calcium hypochlorite, Power Powder Plus quickly eliminates contaminants and leaves your pool clean and clear.

  • Quick-Acting Formula
    Power Powder Plus dissolves rapidly, meaning less time spent waiting to swim. This also greatly decreases the chances that undissolved granules could sink to the bottom and stain your pool.

  • Proven Strength
    Providing 73% available chlorine, Power Powder Plus is strong enough to handle even the toughest algae and bacteria.

  • Multi-Purpose
    Sanitizes your pool by effectively killing 99.9% of bacteria and algae, prevents the future growth of algae, and clarifies your water so it sparkles like new!

    Leslie's Power Powder Plus works quickly to eliminate bacteria and algae, leaving your pool safe and crystal clear. Shocking your pool weekly during swimming season is necessary to destroy any microorganisms and swimmer waste that regular chlorination could not remove. Shocking also restores chlorine levels and frees up Combined Available Chlorine.

    1lb will treat 16,500 gallons. Follow the label directions for application.

Leslie's Power Powder Plus Specifications
Chemical Type Shock
Product Type Pool Chemical
See Owner's Manual for details
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