Ultra Bright Water Clarifier, 1 qt.
Leslie's 14916 Ultra Bright Water Clarifier, 1 qt.
Sku: 14916        LPM #: 14916
Leslie's 14917 Ultra Bright Water Clarifier, 1/2 gal.
Sku: 14917        LPM #: 14917
Leslie's 14918 Ultra Bright Water Clarifier, 1 gal.
Sku: 14918        LPM #: 14918
About the Leslie's Ultra Bright
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Keep Your Water Sparkling Clear!

Leslie's Ultra Bright Water Clarifier is the most effective and powerful water clarifier you can buy! Organic and non-toxic, Leslie's Ultra Bright turns murky, cloudy water into crystal clear water quickly and safely. What makes Leslie's Ultra Bright the best water clarifier on the market?

  • Cleans Murky Water Quickly

    Leslie's Ultra Bright will clear up all the fine particles in your water, including dirt, oils, and other contaminants.

  • Attracts Even The Smallest Particles

    Many particles in your water that make it look cloudy are too small to be picked up by a normal filter. A powerful coagulant, Leslie's Ultra Bright grabs onto the smallest particles, and allows your filter to trap contaminants smaller than 1 micron.

  • Leaves Your Water Clear and Sparkling

    One small dosage of Leslie's Ultra Bright, about 4 ounces, is enough to make your pool sparkle and your water look clean and polished.

  • Safe and Non-Toxic

    Leslie's Ultra Bright is an organic compound, so it is environmentally friendly, won't cause itching or irritation, and requires no waiting time to get back in the pool!

  • Improves Sanitation and Filtration Systems

    Leslie's Ultra Bright not only cleans your water, but it also cleans your filtration and sanitation systems, saving you money and hassle!

    Easy to use and made from a powerful and quick-acting formula, Leslie's Ultra Bright Water Clarifier can clear up even the cloudiest water in a matter of hours. Designed using polymers that attract small particles in the water, Leslie's Ultra Bright allows your pool filter to collect fine dust, oils, and other contaminants that are too small to be trapped normally. Leslie's Ultra Brite should not be used with a diatomaceous earth (DE) filter, but works great with both sand filters and cartridge filters.

    There are many things that can lead to murky and cloudy water, including high swimmer use, storms, and nearby construction or repair projects. Cloudy water can be dangerous for swimmers and can cause a scum stain on your pool walls at the water line. With as little as 4 ounces, Leslie's Ultra Bright eliminates particles, polishes your water, and cleans your sanitation and filtration systems!

Pool Chemical Features
  • Water clarifier
  • environmentally friendly
  • Coagulates contaminants/ particles under 1 micron
  • Cleans water, sanitation and filtration systems
  • non-toxic and safe for swimmers
  • no wait time for swimmers
Leslie's Ultra Bright Specifications
Chemical Type Clarifier
Product Type Pool Chemical
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