All Swirl (8' x 12')
Swimline LI1015ASO All Swirl (10' x 15')
Sku: LI1015ASO        LPM #: 500117
Swimline LI1218ASO All Swirl (12' x 18')
Sku: LI1218ASO        LPM #: 500118
Swimline LI1224ASO All Swirl (12' x 24')
Sku: LI1224ASO        LPM #: 500119
Swimline LI1524ASO All Swirl (15' x 24')
Sku: LI1524ASO        LPM #: 500120
Swimline LI1525ASO All Swirl (15' x 25')
Sku: LI1525ASO        LPM #: 500121
Swimline LI1530ASO All Swirl (15' x 30')
Sku: LI1530ASO        LPM #: 500122
Swimline LI1632ASO All Swirl (16' x 32')
Sku: LI1632ASO        LPM #: 500123
Swimline LI1833ASO All Swirl (18' x 33')
Sku: LI1833ASO        LPM #: 500125
Swimline LI1640ASO All Swirl (16' x 40')
Sku: LI1640ASO        LPM #: 500124
About the Swimline All Swirl Oval
LPM Part #:
The All Swirl Tile Above Ground Vinyl Liners are constructed of super strength, 100% virgin vinyl, have a lap seam construction and in the overlap style of 20 and 25 "gauge". They are protected against chemical and/or UV fading, resistant to sunlight, bacteria, fungus, and are finished with a lamiclear seal coating. They feature the best cold crack resistance in the industry. Computer designed and cut for a perfect fit each and every time, all liners are custom built and must pass a "Zero Defect" quality assurance testing. Our Liners fit any size and model 48" and 52" above ground pools. If you do not see your size listed just call us 1-800-Leslie's.An Overlap Pool Liner has a flat edge and installs by overlapping the top of the pool wall and covering with a coping strip.
Swimline All Swirl Oval Specifications
Liner Pattern All Swirl
Product Type Pool Liner
Liner Gauge 20-Gauge
Depth of Liner 48"/52"
Liner Style Overlap
Size 16' x 40', 16' x 32', 15' x 25', 15' x 24', 12' x 18' and 10' x 15'
Manufacturer Swimline
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