Sand Cleaner
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ZEO 14398 - Sand Cleaner
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About the ZEO 14398
LPM Part #: 14398
Zeo Sand is a great all natural alternative to sand, keeping your water clearer, extending the length of time between backwashes and saving you money on chemicals.
Filter Features
  • Improves water clarity
  • Zeo Sand Cleaner
  • Doubles the time needed between backwashes
  • Reduces the need for shock
  • Eliminates irritants in chlorine
  • environmentally safe
ZeoSand is a refreshing green-colored zeolite. This high-purity, natural zeolite offers a unique three dimensional honeycomb structure and a rough, pitted surface 100 times greater than sand though it weighs half as much. The larger surface area significantly improves water clarity and doubles the time between backwashes. A unique sieving action, similar to a water softener, traps finer particulates and ammonium ions that are responsible for eye-burning chloramines. Trapping and holding ammonium ions reduces the need for chemical shock treatments and reduces your chemical usage. ZeoSand makes a far more effective filter media than sand, is more efficient and is environmentally safe. To refresh the chlorimine control simply rinse with salt water, to renew the ammonium trapping capabilities drain the filter, refill with a 10% salt solution and let it stand for two hours and backwash the waste. There will be no need to worry over soils, lawns or landscaping, because ZeoSand is all natural.
ZEO 14398 Specifications
Chemical Type Filter Aid
Product Type Filter
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