Zodiac DuoClear Replacement Cartridge, C25
Zodiac W26000 DuoClear Replacement Cartridge, C25
Sku: W26000        LPM #: 15436
Nature 2 W28001 Zodiac DuoClear Replacement Cartridge, C35
Sku: W28001        LPM #: 15437
Zodiac W26002 DuoClear Replacement Cartridge, C45
Sku: ZOD-W26002        LPM #: 15439
About the Zodiac DuoClear Replacement
LPM Part #:
DuoClear combines the sanitizing effects and water clarity of Nature2 mineral technology with the convenience of automatic chlorine generation from Clearwater salt technology. The Nature2 mineral-bed technology uses silver and copper to combat bacteria. The saltwater chlorinator component automatically produces low levels of chlorine, eliminating the need to buy and store chlorine. Together these two technologies create a low-maintenance, low-cost system for pool sanitizing, with water that feels soft and silky.
Zodiac DuoClear Replacement Specifications
Product Type Alternative Sanitizer
Collection Nature 2 DuoClear
Sanitizer Type Minerals and Chlorine Pack
Eco-Friendly YES
Application Cartridges
Manufacturer Nature 2
Pool Type In Ground
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