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Pool Care After Swimming

As fun as it is having a pool party for an occasion like Memorial Day or July 4th, there can be some consequences for having that many people in the pool. Sweat, dirt, oil, and sunscreen people may be carrying all may enter your pool. This can alter your water chemistry and maybe even allow […]

Pool Care After a Haboob


In 2011, every pool owner in Phoenix, AZ had to deal with incredible dust-storms called “haboobs”. These storms were widely considered some of the biggest Phoenix had ever seen. Phoenix Haboob Video So what is the best way to take care of your pool after a haboob? There are a few steps that, if followed, […]

Basic Pool Care

This Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies video will teach you how to keep your pool clean by having a regular maintenance schedule. Clean the pool surface and floor using a skimmer or leaf rake Empty the skimmer and pump baskets Brush the pool walls, steps, and floor Clean the water line around your pool Vacuum your […]

Hot Tub Care


Keeping a clean, well balanced hot tub is much like maintenance on a pool, just a bit faster rate. Hot tubs go through faster chemical changes due to heat and aeration so they require additional care and upkeep. Below we have outlined some simple steps to ensure your hot tub stays clean and safe. When […]

Pool Test Kits


This Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies video will teach you how to properly use a test kit at home. Test kits measure pH, total alkalinity, and sanitizer We recommend the DPD Deluxe Test Kit from Taylor The test kit has enough supplies to last for 1 year Store your test materials in a cool, dry place, […]

Spa Care


This Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies video will show you how to maintain your spa. Use bromine as a sanitizer instead of chlorine Many chemicals have specific spa versions, because the strength of those chemicals is better suited for the smaller size of spas Drain your spa every 3-4 months Test your water often Video transcription: […]

Using Conditioner in Your Pool

Not only will chlorine burn off when sanitizing water, but it can also be dissipated by the sun’s UV rays if not protected. This protection is from cyanuric acid (CYA) in your pool that is provided by Leslie’s Conditioner. If there is no CYA in the water, up to 90% of your chlorine may burn […]

Calculating Pool Volume

Knowing how many gallons of water your pool holds is essential to properly balancing your water. Rough estimations can be made, but errors can end up causing issues. Over estimate how many gallons you have and you could end up spending more money than you need to and end up adjusting your chemistry too much. […]

Seven Pool Safety Tips

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, from 2005-2009 there was, on average, almost 10 unintentional drownings per day. To help prevent these, staying safe around the pool isn’t an option; it’s essential. Pool safety is mostly talked about in terms of young children, as they are sadly affected most by a lack […]

Spa Care


Caring for your spa is really no different than taking care of your pool, except everything happens faster. There are some changes, but ultimately if you follow the same general guidelines your spa will be just as clean and clear as your pool. Sanitizing One of the main differences is bromine is commonly used to […]