Important Information to Know


Maintaining and fixing your pool requires a certain amount of knowledge about your specific system. Making sure you know some simple, basic information (or at least have it easily accessible) about your pool will go a long way toward simplifying any potential situation.

When going into a Leslie’s location and dealing with water chemistry, the two most important pieces of information you can know is how many gallons of water you have in your pool and what type of surface you have. Rough estimations can be made for the gallonage, but specific numbers are the best. A specific number means that you can put in exactly how much product you need to adjust your chemistry.It’s important to test your water or take a sample into your local Leslie’s Store before adding pool chemicals. If you end up over treating your pool, for example, you could end up wasting money and maybe even having to readjust your water to compensate for the extra product. It is important to know the surface of the pool as well, because certain chemicals are only meant for certain surfaces. If a product is used on the wrong surface, staining could potentially occur.


Specific equipment knowledge is also helpful to know. Most problems end up arising with an owner’s pump or their filter. By knowing the manufacturer and the model, it can drastically reduce the amount of time needed to troubleshoot an issue. Many times, this information can be found on either stickers on the equipment itself, or with original documentation that came with the pool. If none of these are available, a simple solution would be to take pictures of your system. Leslie’s employees are familiar with all types of setups, and can recognize many different types of equipment.

While this information may seem simple, it can reduce and simplify any troubleshooting that you may have to do. In the end, that will make caring for your pool easier.