Routine pool maintenance

Spending 10 to 15 minutes twice a week brushing the pool walls and bottom actually saves time by cutting down future maintenance on your pool. The best form of maintenance on a pool is prevention. Keeping your water balanced with a test kit along with weekly brushing will save pool owners time and money when owning a pool. The weekly maintenance prevents the chance that algae blooms will occur, keeping water safe and clean. When algae forms, it can stick to the pool’s surface and develop a protective coating that prevents the effectiveness of chlorine and chemicals. Brushing twice a week breaks down this surface and allows the chemicals to kill off harmful contaminants and algae. Brushing along with a good algaecide will ensure an algae free pool.
A good pool net or skimmer is also a necessary tool to maintain a beautiful pool. Quickly removing large debris from the surface and the bottom of your pool eliminates the accumulation of organic contaminants and bacteria, preventing future problems. Once or twice a week, depending on your location, skim your pool’s bottom and surface to eliminate the introduction of organic contaminants and phosphates, keeping your water clean and clear.
Using a vacuum attached to a telepole is a very effective way to remove dirt and debris from your pool. Simply, attach the vacuum to your pool’s filtration system and clean the bottom and sides of your pool to keep your pool clean and clear. Pool Vacuums are also great for spot cleaning your pool if you have dirt or debris that’s accumulated in a specific area. This saves time and effort over the traditional skimmers while utilizing your systems pump to catch debris and contaminants much like your traditional vacuum used indoors.
To save time, an automatic pool cleaner is an excellent choice to clean your pool with little hassle. The cleaner utilizes the suction or pressure of your pool’s system to remove harmful contaminants and debris before they cause time consuming problems. Depending on the type of your pool build your will need a suction side pool cleaner, pressure side pool cleaner or you can use a robotic pool cleaner which doesn’t use your pool system at all. ┬áMany of the automatic pool cleaners on the market today can adapt to your pool, making sure to clean the pool’s entire surface, including: steps, walls, floors and waterline while remaining extremely efficient.