How to Fix Cloudy Water


Even if your pool doesn’t have debris in it, cloudy water can give it a dirty, uninviting look. There are many factors that can contribute to cloudy water, but some more common issues include a lack of chlorine, filtration problems, weather, and increased swimmer usage. If you need to quickly get your pool crystal clear, use the following steps.

  1. Test your water using either a home test kit or by Complete High Range Pool and Spa Water Test Kit going to a local Leslie’s store. Many chemical factors can contribute toward cloudy water, and it is important to address these. Follow all recommendations from your water test to balance your water first. If you have chlorine issues, wait to treat those until completing the steps below. Once you have completed adding the needed chemicals, wait for at least 4 hours and then use the following steps to help treat your cloudy water.
  2. On your water test, take note of your chlorine level. A lack of chlorine can be the number one reason why your water is turning cloudy. Without chlorine, your water is not being sanitized, and because of that, particles and contaminants build up in the water.
  • If there is a difference between your Total Fresh  ft.N Clear, 6-PackAvailable Chlorine and your Free Available Chlorine, this problem should be addressed with a product such as Leslie’s Fresh ‘N Clear. Make sure to follow all product directions. Fresh ‘N Clear is an oxidizer that breaks up organic contaminants that trap the chlorine and prevent it from doing its job.

    After using this product, your total chlorine will remain the same, but the free available chlorine, the chlorine that will help sanitize and clear the pool, will now increase. Fresh ‘N Clear also has a built in clarifier that will assist with the cleanup.
  • If there is not a difference between total and free Ultra Bright Water Clarifier, 1 qt.available chlorine, you will want to simply begin with a clarifying product such as Leslie’s Ultra Bright. A clarifier traps tiny particles together to allow your filter to efficiently remove them.

    Make sure to follow all product directions and do not over treat with Ultra Bright. Often, this will make the problem worse.

  • If you do not have any chlorine in the water to Power Powder Plus- 6 Packbegin with, you will want to shock your pool with a product like Leslie’s Power Powder Plus while following all product instructions. This will drastically increase the chlorine levels to help sanitize the water and the contaminants in it.

  1. After treating your water with the recommended chemicals, make sure your pump is on for the required amount of time afterward, per the chemical instructions.
  2. If your pool does not begin to look clear after your pump has been on for at least eight hours, you may need to add another chemical.

    For example, if you added Fresh ‘N Clear or Power Powder Plus before, you could add Ultra Bright. If you added Ultra Bright, you could add Fresh ‘N Clear. As always, follow all product directions.
  3. Check the pressure on the filter pressure gauge. If the PSI is 8-10 PSI higher than it’s starting pressure, your filter will need to be cleaned. This can assist in cleaning up your pool.
  4. If you continue having problems, get your water tested at a local Leslie’s store and a pool professional will recommend what steps will be needed.