Weather Related

Impacts of mother nature

There are several steps you can take to prepare and protect your swimming pool during monsoon, tropical storm or hurricane season. Severe weather such as thunderstorms, tropical storms, monsoons and hurricanes can drop a large amount of water onto your deck and into your pool.

These storms usually move very quickly. Tremendous wind and heavy rain have the ability to pick up everything from dust and mold spores to tree limbs and patio furniture. Everything that comes across the pool will either stick to the water’s surface or sink to the bottom.

Here is an overview of steps you should take to prepare for a storm:

  • Do NOT remove the water from your pool
  • Do NOT cover your pool with a winter or safety cover
  • Clear the yard of pool toys and furniture
  • Balance water chemistry and add algae controller
  • Turn off power to pool equipment
  • Cover and protect pool equipment

    Although there is no way to keep all debris out of your pool, there are many things that a pool owner can do to protect their pool and equipment from damages, as well as potential bacteria and algae growth that can result from severe weather or natural disasters.

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