Using Conditioner in Your Pool


Not only will chlorine burn off when sanitizing water, but it can also be dissipated by the sun’s UV rays if not protected. This protection is from cyanuric acid (CYA) in your pool that is provided by Leslie’s Conditioner. If there is no CYA in the water, up to 90% of your chlorine may burn off in 2 hours. Ideally, your CYA level should range from 30–50 parts per million for pools using tabs and 80-100 parts per mission for salt pools.

Adding Conditioner to your water is a process that is not complicated, but requires you to follow addition instructions carefully.

Conditioner takes days, rather than minutes, to dissolve, unlike many chemicals. It also has a tendency to expand slightly once exposed to water. Because of this, the application process is different compared to adding a chemical like Soda Ash.

  1. Determine the correct amount of conditioner needed to reach your intended target of between 30-50 parts per million or 80-100 parts per million. Your cyanuric acid levels can be tested using a home test kit or visiting a local Leslie’s.
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  3. Shut the system off.
  4. Remove the skimmer and filter basket from your system. Baskets can halt the flow of conditioner into the filter once it’s added.
  5. Replace all lids that were removed to take the baskets out of your system.
  6. Turn the system on.
  7. Add the required amount of conditioner into a bucket of pool water and mix it into a slurry.
  8. In small increments, add the slurry into the skimmer. Once you notice the conditioner disappear, add the next small dose. Continue this until all of the mixture is gone from the bucket. By adding conditioner this way, the product will get stuck in the pool filter, allowing it to safely dissolve into the water without staining.
  9. Continue running your pump for one hour after the addition of conditioner.
  10. Replace all baskets in your system.
  11. At night, make sure to run your system for at least 8 hours to help the conditioner dissolve.
  12. Avoid backwashing or cleaning your filter for 48 hours after the addition of this product. Because it takes multiple days for conditioner to dissolve, if the filter is cleaned only 24 hours later, some product will be removed with it.
  13. Retest your water in 7 days to ensure your CYA is within the necessary range.

If you have any questions throughout this process, contact a professional at a local Leslie’s location and they will be happy to help you through this process. Or visit