Coral Seas Yellow Out Pool Sanitizer
Coral Seas 14990 Yellow Out Pool Sanitizer, 2 lbs
Sku: 14990        LPM #: 14990
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Coral Seas 14991 Yellow Out Pool Sanitizer, 4 lbs
Sku: 14991        LPM #: 14991
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About the Coral Seas Yellow Out
Achieves algae clean-up quickly and economically, from green to clean in 24 hours with no brushing. Guaranteed! Regular use of Yellow Out can also help reduce algaecide use that can stain pool surfaces. Run filter continuously for 24 hours after adding. Yellow Out should never be pre-mixed with chlorine or other chemicals, nor should it be added directly into skimmer basket or filter suction line. Dosage: 2 lbs. per 15,000 gallons of water. Dosage: 2 lbs per 15,000 gallons
Coral Seas Yellow Out Specifications
Chemical Type Algaecide
Product Type Pool Chemical
Dosage 2 lbs per 15,000 gallons
Manufacturer Coral Seas
Product Reviews
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Mike said:
Location: Benbrook, Texas
A WONDER DRUG for a green pool!
1 year ago
I had managed to shock my green pool clear, but had a heavy coating of dead algae on the walls and bottom. I brushed the walls and used a water hose-powered leaf vacuum on the bottom to get it all mixed back into the pool water, and overnight it flashed emerald green again. Adjusted pH and added 4 pounds of Yellow Out, then gave a double dose shock to my 30K gallon pool. 12 hours later, the pool was a vivid blue with cloudy water. Filter badly needed a backwash, which I did. 24 hours after .. more
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Pauline said:
Location: Seattle
quick and fast
1 year ago
Our pool is edged on one side with a lot of foliage. Yellow Out is a security blanket formula, cleans up all questionable organisms and dark areas. Great product, easy to use.
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35yearvet said:
Location: South Florida
1 year ago
Works quick and it is easy to use.
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Margarita said:
Location: Spring hill tn
Yellow mustard allege
1 year ago
I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to get rid of this mustard allege I used this product one time it was gone awesome stuff!!!!
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Ron said:
Location: Ontario ca
Miracle worker
1 year ago
My pool was green and cloudy, so I bought this I put it in my pool,and chlorinated my pool and in 5 hours while I had the pump on, It was crystal blue!!!! This got rid of my green pool fast!!!!
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