ePOOL Water Chemistry Monitoring System
ePOOL Water Chemistry Monitoring System ePOOL Water Chemistry Monitoring System
Game 4821 - Epool System
Sku: 4821
About the Game 4821
LPM Part #: 81609
The revolutionary ePOOL Water Chemistry Monitoring System tells you exactly what chemicals to add in the exact quantities needed! ePOOL takes the guesswork out of maintaining pool water.the ePOOL monitor communicates wirelessly with your computer.

THe ePOOL monitor continuously analyzes your pool or spa's water chemical composition and sends the information to your computer. Your computer will alert you when your pool needs "Attention" and evens tells you what to do! The ePOOL monitor will help ensure that your water is healthy and balanced.
Game 4821 Specifications
Maintenance Type Test Reader and Chemistry
Product Type Pool Maintenance
Manufacturer Game
Pool Type In Ground and Above Ground
Ninety (90) Day Limited Warranty on Product, see Owner's Manual for a full description of warranty claims and coverage details.
ePOOL Monitoring System Instructions
ePOOL Monitoring System Advanced Guide
ePOOL Troubleshooting Guide
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