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Hayward AQR-SWP SwimPure (Controller Only)
Hayward AQR-SWP - SwimPure (Controller Only)
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About the Hayward AQR-SWP
LPM Part #: 81583
Note: Turbo Cells are sold separately, see SKUs 81338, 81343, 81347 The Hayward SwimPure Salt System is the easiest way for you to sanitize your pool, to sanitize means to remove harmful microorganisms or contaminants from the water with destruction on a molecular or cellular level. Sanitation is one of the three necessary steps for clear water; the other two being filtration and circulation. SwimPure uses the same salt used in water conditioners and converts it into "free" chlorine, which sanitizes your pool and then reverts it back into salt. That's right, the salt is recycled and never wears out.Every day while the pool is being filtered, with only a teaspoon of salt per gallon, this chlorine generator automatically produces enough pure chlorine to keep a 40,000-gallon pool sparkling clean. It is distributed throughout your pool via the return jets, reducing the need for chlorine by as much as 80% while maintaining safe algae-free water. So, say goodbye to the dry itchy skin and red irritated eyes, it is time for a soft silky feel every time you enjoy your pool.The Hayward SwimPure Salt System comes complete with a mountable, easy-to-use control panel that features a digital salt level display, a chlorine output control and an automatic super chlorinate function for shocking. The Turbo Cell chlorine generator easily plumbs in-line and includes two disconnects for easy removal
Hayward AQR-SWP Specifications
Product Type Pool Maintenance
Salt System Type Generators
Manufacturer Hayward
Product Reviews
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Vic said:
Location: Evans, Ga
Convenient but dubious reliability
3 years ago
The pool salt level and Cl output were easy to dial in, and the convenience of not having to mess with tabs and excess CYA or Calcium can't be appreciated until you have one of these, not to mention the cost related to buying tabs all the time.

However, after having mine for a year, the circuit board failed. The good news is it comes with a 3 year warranty and Leslies got me a replacement in 3 days. The bad news is that they told me they see a lot of failed circuit boards. This is .. more
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Casias said:
Location: Port Charlotte FL
The picture is decieving Even though it
4 years ago
I am excited about it but the picture and the information below the picture states what everything does etc. and the note says turbo cell sold separately. I was confused and did not realize i needed the turbo cell to make it work. Now I have to wait till that comes in the mail. Please spell it out for people like me... "the unknowing..." I had no idea until I got the control panel...because the picture and info shows the cell. one little note does not tell me I need a crayon to a lot of .. more
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Jim B said:
Location: NW Tucson area
New Controller and T-3 Cell work great!
4 years ago
[...] I drained my pool to start with clean water. It took 2 months to get my salt level within spec and for the salt generator to work properly. It took another few weeks to find the proper output level and get the chlorine level stabilized.The system works great! Be aware that the instant salinity level must be within spec to generate chlorine regardless of what the default salt level indicates. And that the generator is on and off depending on the output setting.I run my system for about 5 hours .. more
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Art in F. said:
Location: Boynton Beach , FL.
Great for any pool
4 years ago
I had this product on my other pool and couldn't wait to install one at my new home. makes pool upkeep easy. just can say enough about the way it works etc.
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Lazy K. said:
Location: Oceanside, CA
Makes Life Easier
4 years ago
The unit is effective and does what it advertises. I like the salt water pool and the convenience of not fussing with chemicals. You still need to check water about once each month to ensure that acid levels are correct. I would certainly recommend for all home users. The pump does need to run more than before, especially during warm weather.
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