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Leslies Pool Service - Heat Pump Installation Tired of closing your pool as soon as the weather gets cold? Are you looking to extend your swimming season by more than just a few weeks? Heat Pumps are a great way to quickly heat your water, and allow you to enjoy your pool for months past the end of swimming season! Great for in-ground pools in mild and humid climates, Heat Pumps are designed to extend your swimming into the early spring and late fall by efficiently heating your water to a comfortable swimming temperature. Heat Pumps work by gathering warm air around the pool, compressing and heating it, and using that hot air to heat the pool. Purchasing a Heat Pump will give you months of warm water even during cold weather while nearly eliminating operating costs, and help you and your family spend more time in the pool than ever before!

Heat Pumps are highly efficient and useful ways to heat your swimming pool. These types of heaters work by first drawing in warm air surrounding the pump. This air is then compressed and heated even more, until pool water is run through the compressor, warming up the water before it is returned to the pool. All of Leslie’s Heat Pumps are cost-effective and do not use any fossil fuels, saving you money and protecting your family and the environment. Heat Pumps are cheap to run, very easy to use, and require little maintenance.

Heat Pumps are designed to raise the temperature of a pool up to the ideal swimming range, between 78 - 82 degrees Fahrenheit, but because they work by taking in air that is already warm, they work best in humid areas where the ambient temperature stays above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Most Heat Pumps will work if the temperature dips below 60, but will automatically if the temperature reaches 45 - 50 degrees Fahrenheit. By shutting off automatically, Heat Pumps prevent damage that can occur when the air gets too cold. The Heat Pumps that Leslie’s offers range from 50K BTUs for smaller pools, up to 135K BTUs for larger pools. Pool owners in mild climates will want to consider a Heat Pump to help Extend Their Swimming Season.

Because they do not use fossil fuels to heat the water, Heat Pumps are highly efficient and very cost-effective to run. Heat Pumps are not ideal for every climate, but in areas where the temperature rarely dips below 60 degrees Fahrenheit except in winter, Heat Pumps are a great choice to help Extend Your Season. Heat Pumps also release no emissions into the air, which keeps your costs down and provides an environmentally-friendly solution to heating your pool.

Heating your water is vital to enjoying your pool and Extending Your Swimming Season, but without retaining the heat in your pool using a solar cover, much of the energy that is used warming the pool will dissipate into the air. Using a solar cover along with a Heat Pump can save you as much as 50% of the cost of energy it takes to heat your pool. Combining a solar cover with a Heat Pump will heat your pool quicker, and will keep the pool warm long into the night, as well as later into the swimming season.

To have one of our trained, professional service technicians help you with installing a heat pump, give us a call at 800-537-5437 or visit your nearest Leslie’s in-store location. Every pool care professional at Leslie’s is a certified Leslie’s employee, not a third party contractor like many other companies use. We will be happy to help you with all your installation needs!


Just wanted to thank Scott and Quay for excellent installation of our new heat pump. I will be happy to recommend you to others
Timothy - Fort Myers, Florida

My serivce techician Dave, was very knowledgeable, patient and thorough in his assessment of my pump system. I was very happy with the extra time that he took to explain why the sytem was leaking and improvements that I could make. He really did a great job and I would recommend Leslie's to any of our neighbors if they ever need any work done. Additionally, He was on time, He knew what he was doing, He was prepared, He was not pushy, He took the time to explain what he was doing, He gave me very helpful maintenance suggestions. All in all, I really feel he is a great representative of what customer service should be. I will definitely be using Leslie's again!
Mike - Houston, Texas

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