8 ft. Tan Water Bag SIngle Valve
Hinspergers WBT8DS 8 ft. Tan Double Water Bag- Single Valve
Sku: WBT8DS        LPM #: 72941
Hinspergers WBT8S 8 ft. Tan Water Bag- Single Valve
Sku: WBT8S        LPM #: 72940
Hinspergers WBT10S 10 ft. Tan Water Bag- Single Valve
Sku: WBT10S        LPM #: 72943
Hinspergers WBT10DS 10 ft. Tan Double Water Bag- Single Valve
Sku: WBT10DS        LPM #: 72944
About the Hinspergers Single Valve
LPM Part #:

Water bags are the best way to keep your pool cover secure all winter long. They are designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures. Water bags come in both single and double tube configurations. Use the single tubes for covers with water bag loops and the double tubes for covers without the loops, as they will not roll. Follow these simple steps when using water bags: Fill water bags 1/2 to 3/4 full to allow room for expansion due to freezing, Lay them end to end to keep out debris, Roll the bags into the cover at least one revolution - this protects them from being popped by animals. Tan color, Non Rolling, Long lasting, Very Durable. No Leak Valves, can be filled with a standard garden hose.

Winterizing Accessory Features
  • Heavy-duty water bags
  • Long lasting
  • Keeps pool covers in place
  • Single and double channel bags
Hinspergers Single Valve Specifications
Product Type Winterizing Accessory
Cover Type Winter Cover
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