inSPAration Spa Pearls- Amaretto 11oz
inSPAration 297 Spa Pearls Apple Pear 11oz
Sku: 297        LPM #: 48482
inSPAration 299 Spa Pearls Razzberry 11oz
Sku: 299        LPM #: 48490
inSPAration 295 Spa Pearls Harmony 11oz
Sku: 295        LPM #: 48487
inSPAration 294CS Spa Pearls Citrus Splash 11oz
Sku: 294CS        LPM #: 48485
inSPAration 296 Spa Pearls Kiwi 11oz
Sku: 296        LPM #: 48488
inSPAration 298 Spa Pearls Passion 11oz
Sku: 298        LPM #: 48489
inSPAration 299S Spa Pearls Serenity 11oz
Sku: 299S        LPM #: 48492
inSPAration 294CN Spa Pearls Caribbean Nights 11oz
Sku: 294CN        LPM #: 48484
inSPAration 299R Spa Pearls Renew 11oz
Sku: 299R        LPM #: 48491
inSPAration 299D Spa Pearls Desire 11oz
Sku: 299D        LPM #: 48486
inSPAration 299B Spa Pearls Balance 11oz
Sku: 299B        LPM #: 48483
inSPAration 294 Spa Pearls Amaretto 11oz
Sku: 294        LPM #: 48481
About the inSPAration Spa Pearls
LPM Part #:

iSPAration Spa Pearls are a specially formulated Spa & Bath Crystal that will enhance the Home Spa Experience. These crystals are rich with emollients that will soothe and relax tired muscles with minerals and body softeners.

New Look for Spa Pearls

Spa Pearls have a new look. More elegant and exciting new fragrances. Balance now a soothing Lavender; Harmony is now our Pomegranate fragrance; Desire is a gentile blend of Rose and Renew is our ever so popular Eucalyptus & Peppermint. Available in 12 crystal and liquid aromatherapy blends.

inSPAration Spa Pearls Specifications
Chemical Type Spa Fragrance
Product Type Spa Chemical
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