Kreepy Krauly Classic Automatic Pool Cleaner for Concrete In Ground Pools, Flat Seal
Kreepy Krauly Classic - Automatic Pool Cleaner for Concrete In Ground Pools, Flat Seal
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About the Kreepy Krauly Classic
LPM Part #: 62699
More than just a funny name, the Kreepy Krauly Automatic Pool Cleaner is a standard in the pool industry. Thanks to its trademark “One Moving Part” design, its ease of use, and its durable and rugged construction, the Kreepy Krauly provides years of powerful pool cleaning. The Kreepy Krauly Automatic Pool Cleaner can handle everything from fine sand to large leaves and debris, and is capable of cleaning even the dirtiest pool floor, walls, and steps. With no equipment needed for installation and no need for bags or booster pumps, it’s no wonder the Kreepy Krauly is the most popular suction side pool cleaner ever!
Pool Cleaner Features
  • Cleans Every Inch of Your Pool: Thanks to its exclusive Directional Guidance System, the Kreepy Krauly automatically cleans your pool every inch of your pool, from the water line down to the pool floor!
  • Reliable and Durable: The Kreepy Krauly features a trademark “One Moving Part” design, which means that it will last year after year and requires virtually zero maintenance.
  • No Extra Equipment Needed: Built to work seamlessly with your existing circulation system, the Kreepy Krauly requires no parts for installation and never needs any booster pumps or bags.
  • Works with concrete and gunite pools only
The Kreepy Krauly is a completely automatic pool cleaner, and comes preassembled for complete ease of use, all you need to do is attach the disc and the hose. Once the hose is attached, the Kreepy Krauly uses the pump and circulation system to propel it across the entire pool.

Not only does it automatically cover your entire pool thanks to its True Random Pattern, but the Kreepy Krauly is also one of the most powerful pool cleaners available today. Featuring large intake channels, a turbo-action swivel design and an automatic regulator valve, it maintains a constant and powerful water flow, cleaning your pool quickly and easily. So if you are tired of back-breaking work, scrubbing and brushing your pool for hours, take a break and let the Kreepy Krauly do the work for you!
Kreepy Krauly Classic Specifications
Pool Cleaner Type Suction Side
Product Type Pool Cleaner
Installation Type Residential
Cleaning Area Floor, Walls and Waterline
Booster Pump Not Required
Product Collection Classic
Manufacturer Kreepy Krauly
Cord/Hose Length 40 ft
Pool Type In Ground
Two (2) Year Limited Warranty on Product, see Owner's Manual for a full description of warranty claims and coverage details.
Kreepy Krauly Classic Data Sheet
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Gladys D. said:
Location: Alvin, Texas
19 hours ago
I have been having the same problem as Chris and I have tried everything from moving the weights to replacing parts. KK would move around but would get stuck in certain places, so I went and found a small piece of metal as she did and voila all is well. I have been a KK owner for about 25 years and would not consider any other pool cleaner. Thanks Chris. KK needs to put this little tid bit in their trouble shooting instructions.
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Location: Dallas, Texas
30 year user Great product
4 months ago
Great product- Works well - A few parts replacement per year Parts can be rice, but, all the cleaners have parts problems Worth every penney - Njoy!!!
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Chris said:
Location: Tucson,AZ
Kreepy Krauly
8 months ago
I've had my KK for about 10 days. When I connected the hoses into the skimmer, my pressure would go down to about 7 or 8 and my KK would barely move. I also had some air bubbles coming into the pool through the filter system? After doing some research on KK issues, I finally ran across a very useful forum. Long story short, the pressure adapter that goes into the skimmer needed to have something to keep it slightly pried open. I rigged up a piece of metal to hold it open and voila my pressure only .. more
+6 | -2
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Kenneth said:
Location: Newhall Ca.
finally replaced old Kreepy..
9 months ago
I am a 25 Year Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner user. The product long outlasted it's warrant. I have an inground plaster coated concrete pool. Just bought a new Kreepy. ( I do think the pleated foot does a better job than the thick rubber foot.) Therefore I am off to get a new pleated foot to replace the thick rubber one on my new Kreepy
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T m c. said:
Location: San Diego ca
KK Good service
10 months ago
Great service for my fifth KK. Now if I could just get my usual military discount. Tks, Tom Cook, long time customer at Leslies La Mesa
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