Leslie's 14190 Power Powder Granular Chlorine
Leslie's 50 lbs Power Powder Granular Chlorine
Sku: 14190        LPM #: 14190
Leslie's 100 lbs Power Powder Granular Chlorine
Sku: 14190-2        LPM #: 14190
About the Leslie's 14190
LPM Part #: 14190
Leslie's Power Powder Granular is a strong, quick dissolving pool shock and super chlorinator that kills any bacteria, algae, or contaminants for a sparkling clean pool. Dosage: 1.9 oz per 10,000 gallons
Pool Chemical Features
  • Pool Shock and Super Chlorinator
  • Fast dissolving formula
  • 68% total chlorine (65% available)
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria or algae
  • Prevents future growth of algae
Leslie's Power Powder Granular is a powerful pool shock that quickly takes care of any bacteria, algae, or contaminants due to it's quick dissolving properties. Shocking your pool or spa regularly is necessary to keep your pool free of any unwanted contaminants. This helps your chlorine work better and more efficiently. Power Powder Granular is made of powerful calcium hypochlorite and has 65% available chlorine (68% total chlorine) which leaves your pool clear, clean, and ready to use.

Shocking your pool and spa restores chlorine levels and frees up Combined Available Chlorine. Power Powder Granular Pool Shock is the quick choice for many pool owners and professionals due to its strong blend and ease of use.
Leslie's 14190 Specifications
Chemical Type Shock
Product Type Pool Chemical
Sanitation Type Granular Chlorine
Dosage 1.9 oz per 10,000 gallons
Clearance YES
Chemical Size Granular
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