Leslie's Alkalinity Up Alkalinity Increaser
Leslie's 14060 Alkalinity UP, 5 lbs
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Leslie's 14063 Alkalinity UP Bucket, 10 lbs
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Leslie's 14068 Alkalinity UP Bucket, 30 lbs
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Leslie's 14069 Alkalinity Up, 50 lbs.
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About the Leslie's Alkalinity Up
Leslie's Alkalinity Up Alkalinity Increaser
Pool Chemical Features
  • Alkalinity increaser
  • 100% sodium bicarbonate
  • Doesn't raise pH levels
  • Keeps pool free of damage
  • Helps maintain a safe swimming environment
Maintain A Balanced pH While Increasing Total Alkalinity

Need to raise your pool's Total Alkalinity without raising the pH level? Leslie's Alkalinity Up is a quick and effective way to raise alkalinity and keep pH levels in check! A low level of Total Alkalinity can be dangerous for your pool and for swimmers. Leslie's Alkalinity Up, which is made of 100% sodium bicarbonate, is the easiest way to keep pH and Total Alkalinity balanced, and makes your pool a safe and clean environment for everyone!Powerful FormulaMade from 100% active ingredient sodium bicarbonate, Leslie's Alkalinity Up is the most concentrated Total Alkalinity increaser you can find anywhere!Maintains Current pH BalanceFeaturing a near-neutral pH level of 8.3, Leslie's Alkalinity Up will boost your Total Alkalinity without causing major increases to your pH balance.Dissolves QuicklyLeslie's Alkalinity Up comes in granular forms so it dissolves rapidly and goes to work immediately, meaning you can get back in the pool sooner!Safely Prevents Pool Damage

Having a pool with low Total Alkalinity can cause corrosion, plaster stains or etching, and irritation to swimmers. Leslie's Alkalinity Up quickly balances water chemicals, creating a safe swimming environment.

The ideal ranges for any pool, regardless of size, should be between 7.4 and 7.6 for pH, and between 80 and 140 ppm for Total Alkalinity. Leslie's knows you spend time and effort to maintain a balanced pH level, and do not want to add chemicals that can disrupt this balance. Leslie's Alkalinity Up will correct problems with Total Alkalinity deficiency while preserving your pH balance.

Keeping a Total Alkalinity level between the recommended 80 and 140 ppm will make it very easy to maintain a constant pH balance. Total Alkalinity is necessary to keep your pH levels balanced, and low Total Alkalinity can also cause damage to pools and irritation for swimmers.

Fortunately, Total Alkalinity problems are very easy to correct. Leslie's Alkalinity Up quickly raises the Total Alkalinity to more acceptable ranges, while maintaining the work you have done to balance your pH. Leslie's Alkalinity Up has a near neutral pH level of 8.3, but will significantly increase the Total Alkalinity count of your water. Just by adding 1 -+ pounds of Leslie's Alkalinity Up for every 10,000 gallons of water, you can raise the Total Alkalinity by 10 ppm, while seeing only a very slight increase in pH levels. Dosage: 1 lb per 10,000 gallons
Leslie's Alkalinity Up Specifications
Chemical Type Water Balance and Total Alkalinity
Product Type Pool Chemical
Dosage 2.4 lbs per 10,000 gallons, 10 lbs per 10,000 gallons and 1 lb per 10,000 gallons
Manufacturer Leslie's
Product Reviews
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dshu said:
Location: Maine
Excellent product
1 year ago
Has been a rainy in the northeast. This product has maintained pool total alkalinity.
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jaf said:
Location: englishtown,nj
worth the investment
1 year ago
have used this product for years, great product,
easy to use, never disappointed
+0 | -3
Was this review helpful?
T Mo said:
Location: Lexington,SC
Great product
1 year ago
great product, but arrived with a broken lid.
+1 | -1
Was this review helpful?
joel said:
Location: manalapan,nj
alka up
2 years ago
economical...fine powder dissolves easily
the product does the job.....
+0 | -2
Was this review helpful?
Pond B. said:
Location: La Plata Md
Product worked well, Leslies is quick
2 years ago
Love Leslies, use them for all my pool chemicals
+1 | -3
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