Leslie's Fresh N Clear Tubs Chlorine-Free Shock
Leslie's 14546 Fresh N Clear, 25 lbs.
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Leslie's 14547 Fresh 'N Clear, 40 lbs.
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Leslie's 14548 Fresh N Clear, 2 x 40 lbs.
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About the Leslie's Fresh N Clear Tubs
Leslie's Fresh 'N Clear Non-chlorinated Shock quickly eliminates contaminants and organic waste for a clean and clear pool. Dosage: 16 oz per 10,000 gallons
Pool Chemical Features
  • Non-chlorine shock
  • Fast dissolving
  • Keeps water hardness and pH levels balanced
  • Prevents algae
  • Eliminates odors
  • Frees up available chlorine to eliminate bacteria
Leslie's Fresh 'N Clear chlorine-free shock allows you to safely, quickly, and effectively shock your pool without adding chlorine. Upon being added to your pool, Fresh 'N Clear goes to work immediately, eliminating 99.9% of organic compounds. These include bacteria, nitrogen compounds, swimmer waste, and natural waste. It does this by freeing up the available chlorine in your pool, allowing the chlorine to destroy the contaminants in the water. By breaking up the combined available chlorine, Fresh 'N Clear also eliminates those annoying chlorine odors.

Along with keeping your pool clean and algae-free, Leslie's Fresh 'N Clear offers many other great advantages. Because it does not contain chlorine or calcium, Fresh 'N Clear keeps your pH and water hardness levels perfectly balanced, saving you money on new chemicals. No chlorine also means no long waiting periods after shocking your pool, swimmers can get back in the pool in as little as 15 minutes.
Leslie's Fresh N Clear Tubs Specifications
Chemical Type Shock
Product Type Pool Chemical
Dosage 16 oz per 10,000 gallons and 1 lb per 10,000 gallons
Manufacturer Leslie's
Product Reviews
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Mohit t. said:
Location: Cortina ca
Great product
3 weeks ago
I have just been using it for a year and it's working good to keep the water clear.
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Robert said:
Location: ridgefield ct
great product
8 months ago
been using it for 10 years.......excellent results. I have not opened the new container yet,but it doe not look like an improvement,
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Michelle said:
Location: SC
Great product, awful locking container
9 months ago
Product is excellent. Our pool is now crystal clear and kids are able to swim the same day. However, adjustments need to be made to how the container opens. We had to use tools in order to open it the first time.
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JJ said:
Location: Churchville, MD
impossible to open
9 months ago
A reviewer wrote, The container was impossible to open this time - a new locking system. I pried it off and used the old bucket. I had the same problem.....I coursed the whole way trying to open it. However, it works great...been using it for years.
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Michael R. W. said:
Location: Houston - Texas
Fresh 'n Clear is the only shock worth using
11 months ago
Installed my Pool in 1982 and discovered Fresh 'N Clear shortly there after. Marvelous Product - keeps my 20,000 gallon pool Fres 'N Clear & no waiting to swimm. It zaps with power and is quick acting. If you pool owner's have never tried pick up a couple of soft packs & hold for that Swim Party & Aglea shows up - 2 bags in a 20-24,000 gallon pool clears the problem quick & no one is the wiser. It lowers PH. A satufied user for 32 years! - It's oderless folks!
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