Concrete/Plaster Stain Eraser
Oreq 87001 Tile Grout Stain Eraser
Sku: 87001        LPM #: 20185
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Leslie's 20186 Concrete/Plaster Stain Eraser
Sku: 20186        LPM #: 20186
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Leslie's 85001 Calcium Stain Eraser
Sku: 85001        LPM #: 20184
Availability: In Stock
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Leslie's 84001 Spa/Vinyl Pool Stain Eraser
Sku: 84001        LPM #: 20183
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About the Leslie's Stain Erasers
Erase the stains from your swimming pool with the Leslie's Stain Eraser for concrete or plaster surfaces.
A must for every pool owner! These revolutionary and easy to use stain removers eliminate most types of stains and deposits including: rust, calcium scale, or calcium deposits without using extra chemicals to treat problems your pool doesn't have. Simply choose which stain is causing problems, or in the case of rust, which surface the stain is on. Since extra chemicals mean extra headaches when it comes to pool chemistry, each pen is designed to treat one stain, on a specific surface. These pens are soft and will not scratch or gouge (when using proper eraser on appropriate surface). Use by hand or attach to any standard telepole.
Leslie's Stain Erasers Specifications
Product Type Pool Maintenance
Manufacturer Oreq and Leslie's
Product Reviews
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Bob said:
Location: Canoga Park, CA
Not as good as I expected
10 months ago
I ordered the vinyl eraser. I went out to the pool and tried using it. The eraser itself crumbled as I used it. So there go the crumbs into the water and in to the filter. The eraser didn't do as I expected. The stain is still here. It is a lot of work for so little results.
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benlomond said:
Location: ben lomond
not as advertised
1 year ago
I ordered the grout stain remover and the calcium stain remover. As advertised and pictured, they have handles on the material used to clean the surface. I received the calcium stain remover and it arrived as advertised. When I received the grout stain remover, it was only two little handheld cleaners. They were not anything like the advertised picture. I'm not sure how you are able to use it to clean surfaces. It like holding a brillo pad.
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Bear said:
Location: Vero Beach, Florida
1 year ago
The tile eraser does a fairly good job, but plan to have a workout.

The rust eraser appears to be an inferior product. It wears down easily and appears to be too soft to actually do much.
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Pam said:
Location: Denton TX
Amazing! Tiles look like new!
2 years ago
The Calcium Eraser works like a charm. Easy, no chemicals, quick! Best of all - the Calcium Eraser completely "Erased" the calcium stains leaving clean, smooth tiles!

I had calcium deposits on my pool tiles that were directly below a rock wall. The desposits were actually leaching from the stones as opposed to coming from the water features. I tried everything (brushing and tile cleaner) I tried Bio-dex Tile 300 with only limited success and I was concerned about damaging the tile .. more
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Pool P. said:
Location: DWG, TX
Didn't Work For Me...
2 years ago
I tried this product on bird droppings that were mostly berries and seeds (a dark orange-ish stain) and had no visible results.
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